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Students Talk About Experiences at TSBC

Jun 10, 2023 | Leadership, Appalachia, Christian Education, Tri-State Bible College, Academics | 0 comments

During the Spring semester at TSBC, our students participate in the Spiritual Transformation Inventory (STI). The STI takes potentially subjective topics like devotional life, spiritual maturity, and spiritual vitality and provides our staff and faculty with measuring “handles” so that we may learn how to improve the classroom experience and curriculum by cultivating the spiritual life on campus. At the end of the STI, participating students are asked two questions about the faculty and our programs at TSBC. Here is what they had to say! Please excuse the brackets; I’ve removed names in order to keep the survey results anonymous.

Q1. Are there any staff or faculty members who have helped you that you’d like to recognize?

Both of my professors have helped in a great way this semester.

… Principles of Bible Study has been an amazing help to my pastoring. He has been an encouraging professor through a very hard course. [All of the Faculty] have expressed faith that I can go back to school after 35 years and make the grade. I am currently facing [difficulties] and they have all three helped me as much as they could. [The Staff] has always been uplifting and encouraging.

I love all the staff at Tri-State!! … I have developed a good relationship with them … I’ve been on recruiting trips [with a Staff member] … We developed a good friendship, and she is someone I can confide in. She’s a very caring person. [Another Faculty member] and I became friends through trips to Israel and a missionary trip to Peru. He’s another professor that always has good advice. [A new Faculty member] and I just came back from a weekend church planting field trip to Nordonia, OH. [Another Professor] prayed for me and my family at several different times.

We have had a few discussions outside of class that have either caused growth in my spiritual life or challenged me. His course work in the classroom I find very beneficial … for the academic function of TSBC as well as [for serving] in ministry well after the course is finished.

To Whom it may concern, [this Professor], without any reservations, [she] has been the most influential individual I have had to interact with scholastically in spiritual direction in route to a Biblical degree, also [another Professor] in his … conversation tone in delivering a wealth of knowledge about [each] subject! [One Staff member] has displayed a relentless desire in the financial aid to help students with grants; she possess integrity that is lacking in today’s society!

These students are revealing to you what I have known and believed for a long time—TSBC is a treasure that the Lord has placed in the tri-state. Have you opened it and looked inside? These testimonials are a tribute to the hard work of our excellent Faculty and Staff members.

Q2. Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about your spiritual life or your school’s spiritual programs?

I am continuing to grow closer to the Lord. I’m hoping someday soon that my life will be doing full-time work for him.

… God is my employer, and I’m an employee that enjoys my assignments of Kingdom building!

Absolutely love attending classes and learning so much about the Bible. I have ran into a few difficulties this semeste

r … Really excited for the next semester. I have learned how to study the Bible on my own and the history of the time it was written. Understanding leads to embracing spiritual truth.


Wonderful program … I have grown in knowledge of God while making some new friends.

We’ve seen a number of new students enter TSBC this summer. Will you be a part of what God is doing at TSBC in the Fall? I hope that you will. God is at work in the churches of the tri-state. God is calling us to the Great Commission in this generation. Join us, be a part of our unique community of

believing, biblical scholarship, and see the difference. We want to be a part of your life and the calling that God has called you to fulfill.

In Hope Rejoicing,

Rex J. Howe

TSBC President


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