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A Message about the Impact Campaign from President Rex J. Howe

In 2020, my wife Aimee, our children, and I returned to Appalachia to serve at my alma mater Tri-State Bible College. I would not be the leader or man that I am today apart from God’s work through Tri-State Bible College.

We believe that biblical higher education in Appalachia is essential for God’s mission in this sub-region of the United States, where Christian leaders face immense challenges and need training so that they can faithfully steward their callings. Many Appalachians have opportunities to impact churches inside and outside of Appalachia.

Will you please join me in financially supporting the mission of TSBC to offer access to a community of believing, biblical scholarship in and from Appalachia?

I urge you to become a monthly donor to TSBC Operations. I ask you to explore our scholarships and to give so that we can continue to offer debt-free education at TSBC. Finally, special projects bring excitement and hope for the future of gospel work in Appalachia and Akron. Will you help us fund these initiatives that will increase access to our community of biblical and ministry training?

Join 192 people and 45 organizations who share our mission to offer access and our vision for students to fulfill their ministries (2 Tim. 4:5)!

In Hope Rejoicing,

President Rex J. Howe

Impacting TSBC Students Through Instruction

The veins of a leaf carry minerals, water, and glucose to its extremities to nourish the whole leaf. The central vein that stands out so prominently is called the midrib or midvein. It serves as a hub of nourishment for the veins that go out to the leaf’s uttermost edges.

The Greek word διαλέγομαι (dialegomai) is recorded ten times in Luke’s description of Paul’s ministry in the book of Acts (Acts 17:2, 17; 18:4, 19; 19:8–9; 20:7, 9; 24:12, 25). It means to “engage in speech interchange, to instruct.”

On one occasion in Paul’s ministry, he instructed daily for two years in “the Lecture Hall of Tyrannnus” in the city of Ephesus. Acts 19:10 tells us that the result of this ministry of dialogue resulted in “all the residents of Asia” hearing the word of the Lord “both Jews and Greeks.”

God has providentially positioned Tri-State Bible College like a midvein with a ministry of instruction to impact and strengthen the local churches of the tri-state, in Akron, Ohio, and beyond. From one place committed to the gospel of Jesus Christ, God can reach far and wide.

JenaRae and I, along with a couple of our kids, attended “The Holler” at Tri-State Bible College today, which was a conference meant to encourage and equip youth leaders as well as the youths and their parents. What a blessed time of instruction, fellowship, and worship. I really appreciate the work that so many people here locally have put into furthering the ministry of this local institution of Christian higher education. If you are looking to start college and want to shore up your knowledge of the fundamentals of the faith as you also take care of some of your Freshman standard college courses at an accredited college, give Tri-State Bible College – TSBC a look. Also, if you’re looking to contribute financially to ministry here locally, TSBC can put your funds to good use. Praise the Lord for the servants he has raised up, and for the heart they have for Appalachia.

Mark Judd

Pastor, Living Hope Bible Church

Connecting Through the Impact of Instruction - Appalachia and Akron

The Ohio River has always served as a midvein to the settlers of the tri-state providing a means of travel, commerce, and sustenance to the region. It also connects regions separated by great distances. “The [Ohio] Canalway was built between 1825–1832 and was carved from the wilderness to provide an invaluable link from Lake Erie to the Ohio River, which created an inland water route between the East Coast and Gulf of Mexico.”

With the building of the canalway and the growing railway system, Dr. B. F. Goodrich, F. A. Seiberling, and Harvey Firestone created the world’s largest rubber industrial center in Akron, Ohio. The booming industry led to an influx of migration from other states at the turn of the twentieth century. This is why, as Susan Johnson wrote in The Journal of Appalachian Studies (2000), Akron, Ohio became known as “The Capital of West Virginia.”

However, what was once a relationship between NE Ohio and WV centered on opportunities has soured in recent years because of the opioid epidemic. US Attorney Mike Stuart stated, “A city that once exported tires, from the Rubber Capital of the world, is now exporting drugs to West Virginia and other great places. It needs to end.”

2023–2024 Impact Campaign

The greatest need of Appalachia, Akron, America, and the world is the gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus is building his church. He gave us his method for building his church—the great commission, a disciple-making movement based on baptism and instruction. Tri-State Bible College has served local churches for nearly 54 years in the same way that “the Lecture Hall of Tyrannus” served the gospel mission of the church in Acts 19. We offer access to a place that impacts through instruction so that Christian shepherds, servants, stewards, and scholars can fulfill their ministries in Christ’s commission.

As a community committed to believing, biblical scholarship, Tri-State Bible College serves as a midvein or canalway through which impactful instruction passes to nourish churches all over Ohio, the tri-state, and beyond. Our commitment to the inerrant, infallible, authoritative word of God, to the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, and to the power of the Holy Spirit continues to stand firm while we adapt to improve access for students to our training programs.

The Barna Group continues to publish evidence that a Christian leadership crisis has arrived for Christian churches and ministries in America: pastor retirements, pastor vacancies, unfilled leadership positions in Christian schools, colleges, and seminaries, unqualified deacons and elders, and by extension, a disruption to missionary outreach. The need for Tri-State Bible College’s mission to offer access to a community of biblical, Christ-centered training is key to developing the Christian leaders of the next generation. As you read about the Impact Campaign, pray to God and ask him how he wants you to support the vital ministry of TSBC.