Broomhall Research Center

The Broomhall Bible Research Center offers students multiple spaces for community and research. All of our classrooms are located in Broomhall. The Student Cultural Center and the Library Annex provide student resources for studies and relationships. The Chapel gathers the campus community for worship, connection beyond TSBC through live streaming, and conference and specialized meetings. WiFi is available throughout the Research Center.

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Each of our classrooms maximizes the professor to student ratio and cultivates mentoring relationships. Classrooms are fully equipped for resident and resident modular learning environments. Resident refers to synchronous, in-person instruction. Resident modular refers to a learning environment that integrates synchronous in-person and Zoom conferencing through our college management system—Populi.

Student Cultural Center

The Student Cultural Center in Broomhall offers a central space for student life and the cultivation of campus relationships. Alum Samantha Miller (2018) designed the decorating scheme for the student space. The Student Cultural Center features Christ-centered, contemporary artwork from artist Jason Queen. Special meals are hosted here. Coffee and snacks are always readily available! Student, Faculty, and Staff mailboxes are located in the Student Cultural Center. Students have access to general access computers and printing.

Library Annex

The Library Annex in Broomhall provides a study and research space near the classroom. The annex serves students and faculty by offering access to key Library reference works, Library books on hold for semester courses, and a general access computer.

TSBC Chapel

The TSBC Chapel serves as the primary event venue on the TSBC campus. Annual events, such as the Appalachian Ministry Conference, host plenary sessions in this space. Semester chapels, alumni gatherings, and professional development opportunities take place in the Chapel. The room is equipped with the latest technology for streaming and presenting wirelessly. The Chapel seats 150 attendees.

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