AA in Bible/Theology

The Associate of Arts in Bible/Theology degree is conferred upon those who satisfactorily complete the prescribed 66 credit hours in the two-year biblical studies program.

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Associate of Arts Program Objectives

As a graduate with an Associate of Arts in Bible/Theology degree, a student will

  • demonstrate competence in basic Bible interpretation and the use of various primary tools, such as concordances, dictionaries, and atlases.
  • demonstrate a basic knowledge of Bible content and the main tenets of Bible doctrine.
  • develop basic communication skills in sharing the Word of God more effectively.
  • manifest an attitude of respect for and obedience to the Word of God in personal lifestyle.
  • demonstrate a broad perspective that will enhance an understanding of people and a basic biblical worldview.
  • use the knowledge gained as a basis for future study.

Associate of Arts Course Progression

Year One
  • BI101 Pentateuch
  • EN101 English Grammar & Composition I
  • AB101 Bible Introduction
  • PT101 Evangelism
  • AB103 Hermeneutics
  • TH102 Spiritual Life
  • EN102 English Grammar & Composition II
  • TH202 Christology & Pneumatology
  • MI102 Survey of Missions
  • AB104 Principles of Bible Study
  • AB102 Bible Geography
Year Two
  • HU101 History of Western Civilization
  • BI201 Gospels
  • MA101 Mathematics & Elements of Algebra
  • BI303 Pauline Epistles
  • TH401 Ecclesiology & Eschatology
  • BI202 Acts
  • BI302 Romans
  • PS204 General Psychology
  • BI203 Old Testament Poetry Books
  • SC102 Physical Science & Scientific Reasoning
  • BI404 Revelation
  • TH302 Hamartiology & Soteriology