BA in Bible/Theology

The Bachelor of Arts in Bible/Theology is conferred upon those who satisfactorily complete the required 126-semester credit hours. This program is available with various minors including Appalachian Ministry, Christian Apologetics, Christian Education, Counseling, General Studies, Greek Language, Hebrew Language, Ministry Studies, and Missions. The purpose of Tri-State Bible College’s undergraduate programs is to: Equip students in Mission, Evangelism, and Ecclesiology through biblical knowledge and Christian experience.

Bachelor of Arts students will demonstrate the mastery of analysis of facts and the ability to interact critically with assumptions in order to evaluate complex biblical and theological ideas. They will apply leadership skills on personal and organizational levels to demonstrate biblical principles in servicing others in a real world context while integrating into their service the characteristics that are inherent in a Christian worldview. Students will use biblical evidence in describing the major scriptural and ethical issues one must consider when evaluating contrasting philosophical positions. Students will demonstrate the godly use of apologetics as a method of debate with others and reconciliation with God. They will also demonstrate proficiency in the judgment of the value of materials and methodologies as a means to address societal problems from a biblical perspective in preparation for church-related vocations or the pursuit of further education.

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Bachelor of Arts Program Objectives

The goals of the undergraduate program are designed to meet the educational needs of people who truly desire to know the Scriptures and to fulfill their ministry callings in Christ’s commission.

  • individuals who are called to be evangelists, pastors, missionaries, and specialized Christian workers who want to be fully equipped to fulfill their ministries.
  • church officers, teachers, and other workers who intend to improve their abilities in the Lord’s work.
  • servants of the Lord who are already active in definite areas of Christian ministry and who hope to sharpen their working skills in setting forth biblical truths in administering their God given responsibilities.
  • believers who yearn to be spiritually mature, to be adequately prepared to serve God effectively, and to steward their time, talents, and treasures for the glory of God.

Undergraduate Ministry Formation

Ministry formation is an integral part of the educational programs at TSBC. It is designed to enable a student to improve his/her skills in the art of ministry by applying a hands-on approach of using what he/she has learned in the classroom through serving in the local community. While completing the various projects in the local community, a student is encouraged to discern his/her spiritual gift(s) and to increase skill in using the gift(s).

Bachelor of Arts Program Core Curriculum

Bible Department
  • BI101 Pentateuch
  • BI102 Old Testament History Books
  • AB104 Principles of Bible Study
  • BI201 Gospels
  • BI202 Acts
  • BI203 Old Testament Poetry Books
  • BI204 Major Prophets
  • BI301 Minor Prophets
  • BI302 Romans
  • BI303 Pauline Epistles
  • BI401 Book of Hebrews
  • BI402 General Epistles
  • BI404 Revelation
Theology Department
  • TH201 Prolegomena, Bibliology, & Theology Proper
  • TH202 Christology & Pneumatology
  • TH204 Dispensationalism
  • TH301 Anthropology & Angelology
  • TH302 Hamartiology & Soteriology
  • TH401 Ecclesiology & Eschatology
  • TH402 Doctrinal Summarization
General Studies Department
  • CO203 Fundamentals of Speech
  • EN102 English Grammar & Composition II
  • EN205 English Literature
  • MA101 Mathematics & Elements of Algebra
  • SC102 Physical Science & Scientific Reasoning
  • GS402 Senior Seminar
Biblical Languages Department
  • GR301 Greek I
  • HB361 Hebrew I
Missions Department
  • PT101 Evangelism……………………………………………3
  • MI102 Survey of Missions………………………………….3