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Offering instruction that makes an impact requires funds to operate. The General Fund is at the heart of operations at TSBC. When you give to the General Fund, you are bringing stability and security to the staff and faculty and laying a foundation on which special projects can thrive. Scroll down to learn more and for an opportunity to give right here, right now.

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22–23 General Fund Disclosure

Total Actual Revenue: Tuition & Fees $103,075
Total Actual Revenue: GF Donations $156,113
Total Actual Revenue: ERC & PPP Forgiveness $97,067
Total Actual GF Expenses $362,128
GF Shortfall $5,873

While the General Fund Shortfall appears minuscule, the rest of the story is told by the sacrifice and frugality of our staff. We were under budget by significant amounts in six areas: (1) Advertising and Marketing, (2) Development, (3) Library, (4) Payroll, (5) Plant Expenses, and (6) Student Services. Making budget cuts to these important areas in 2022–2023 meant that we had to place important initiatives on hold. For example, our marketing goals had to be limited, which is felt later in enrollment, and therefore, tuition and fees. Library cuts meant that we couldn’t add new print or digital resources, and we couldn’t purchase much-needed library equipment. Payroll budget cuts reduce our effectiveness and have continuing consequences: (1) we could not hire the support staff we needed; (2) we overworked our existing staff; (3) we had to reach into savings to pay staff in July–August; and (4) we may have delayed staff cuts but for how long?

22–23 Budget Cuts

Advertising Cut from $25,000 to $10,813
Development Cut from $59,500 to $2,235
Library Cut from $18,000 to $0
Payroll Cut from $312,000 to $198,853
Plant Expenses Cut from $53,650 to $ 37,298
Student Services Cut from $37,000 to $21,689

Impact Instruction. Give to the General Fund.

The cuts to the TSBC General Fund each year at TSBC create a vicious cycle that stunts growth. It creates a culture of survival rather than a culture of flourishing. If TSBC is going to mature in its potential as a central hub for biblical instruction, then this General Fund gap must be closed. The deficiencies of the General Fund distract the energies of leadership from advancing the mission toward the vision and leave key goals and objectives unreached. Our operations require $25,000 per month. We generated $25,000 in tuition and fees for Fall 2023 – this covers one month of operating expenses at TSBC. Three semesters generate close to three months of income to cover operating expenses. We are dependent upon donors like you to support us in the other nine months of the year.

For Paul to reach all of Asia in two years from Ephesus, God had to provide an incredible amount of resources. Are you willing to invest in the potential of Tri-State Bible College as a community for ministry training? Our continued existence is not inevitable; we need donors like you to become convinced of the mission and vision of theological education and the important role it plays in strengthening local churches and the people who attend them.

Give to the General Fund and Impact Instruction - Right Here, Right Now.