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2021–2022 Fulfill Your Ministry Campaign at TSBC

The Fulfill Your Ministry Campaign funds the Tri-State Bible College strategic plan for 2021–2022 by directing generous partners toward four investments: The Ministry Fund, the Increase Enrollment Fund, the Build Infrastructure Fund, and the Build the Team Fund.

Student Success. Millennium of Ministry.

TSBC students are succeeding in fulfilling their ministry callings. Among the last ten years of graduates from Tri-State Bible College, eighty-nine percent are engaged in active Christian ministry. Thirty-six percent are active in the pastorate. Fifty-one percent of those graduates continued to pursue further education.

TSBC faculty offer our community access to a millennium of ministry experience. One-third of our faculty members are actively serving in ministry, and thirty-six percent of our instructors have earned a doctorate degree.

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Believing, Biblical Scholarship


Undergraduate Students during the Fall Semester 2021


Undergraduate Students with Professor Manfred Langer during the Fall Semester of 2021

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The Appalachian Ministry Institute seeks to equip, encourage, and affirm those engaged in Christian ministry in the north central Appalachian region.

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Finding the Right Fund for Your Stewardship Resources

The Fulfill Your Ministry Campaign offers four investment opportunities to prospective givers. The Ministry Fund invests in the TSBC community by providing necessary funding for new and existing initiatives (like the Appalachian Ministry Institute and Online Course Development), so that costs do not get passed to the students through tuition and fee increases. TSBC is able to maintain a competitive, affordable schedule of costs and a dynamic educational experience.

The Increase Enrollment Fund gives donors the opportunity invest directly into scholarship funds, which gives our staff an advantage when recruiting prospective students.

The Build Infrastructure Fund appeals to donors who feel called to make a concrete investment in the week-to-week facilities and experiences of the TSBC Community. In 2021–2022, we have plans to refresh, remodel, and repurpose specific spaces on campus to maximize the in-person student experience.

The Build the Team Fund is an investment in TSBC’s future by providing an opportunity for financial partners to invest in the creation and development of strategic staff positions at TSBC. Specifically, this fund aims to create a position for a chief advancement officer, a chief academic officer, and part-time support staff.

Fulfill Your Ministry Through Christian Stewardship

If you are new to TSBC and value the presence of Christian higher education for regional training of believers and the access to Christian higher education online, then begin partnering with us in 2022 by making a one-time gift of any amount or by accepting the 52 Challenge for our fifty-second anniversary as a Bible College.

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